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Manly smell is only allowed while you're working out in the Gym. The sweat-stained tees are always a major turn-down otherwise. And all thanks to TV commercials, we already know that it's the bacteria that produces the bad odour and not the sweat. Hence it is imperative to always keep the sweatiest areas clean.

Smelly, stained armpits just don't cut it anywhere else, be it at the office, at a gathering, and especially on a date. Imagine showing up all dapper on a special dinner date, only to reveal soggy armpits from under that fancy jacket! That'll surely not portray a nice image and make your date feel repulsive about your appearance.

Well, not everyone smells bad. As different personalities, odours also change from people to people. Some have naturally controlled sweating while for a majority of others, fighting excessive sweating is a daily battle. Fragrant soaps, creams, lotions, and other aromatic products don't do much when it comes to masking the body odour or reducing perspiration substantially. We must turn to our deodorants online. Deodorants for men are available in in a wide variety and forms – sprays.

first, you need to figure out your skin type and its needs.

If you have a dry or combination skin and sweat isn't a routine problem from you, you can go for a gentle deodorant spray that can cover the odour, and leave you with clean and dry underarms and a refreshing fragrance that lasts you for hours, while its cool sensation soothes your senses. If you sweat more then you must opt for a roll-on or spray that can block the sweat glands and reduce perspiration drastically, letting you go through the day, smelling pleasant. And for those of you who perspire in excess with strong body odour problems, then you need a good deodorant combination. Apply the roll-on, and then spritz on a musky deodorant to remain dry for hours, diffusing an appealing scent wherever you go!

Buy from countryoven.com, an exclusive online range of branded deodorants for men and women from brands. You no longer need to pick out your clothes keeping in mind how sweaty they will make you! Our men's fragrance collection is sure to leave you swooning in delicious aromas.

If you are looking for a casual fragrance to wear on a night out with your buddies, deodorant is the perfect blend of nonchalance and style that keeps you fresh and dry for long hours at a stretch. For those with sensitive skin, while the deodorant works its wonders with its gentle smell. Clinique's Happy for Men is a very popular seller, like its women's counterpart. It is a deo-antiperspirant stick combo that ensures long-lasting freshness with an invigorating citrusy fragrance. Buy from the best deodorants for men and women online and keep sweat at bay!

You must regularly use men's cologne or perfume along with antiperspirants to create sophisticated scents that last you all day. Indulge in the potent and intoxicating fragrances from the best luxury brands at countryoven.com and stay energized, refreshed and comfortable anytime, anywhere!