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For any child on this planet, FATHER is their real hero, mentor, protector, their biggest support system, and many more.

Fathers are special. Why? Because they strive hard, throughout their lives, just to keep us happy. People usually give credit to mothers-which is absolutely true, but fathers are no less when it comes to SACRIFICE. They can up to any level to buy things we ask for and to give a healthy life. They might not eat or buy anything for themselves for decades just to make sure they have sufficient money in their pockets to raise us properly. Does father do all of this with stress or pressure? No, in fact, they do it with a smile on their faces.

So, my dear friends, have we done anything for such fathers is the real question? Have we ever tried to make them feel how special they are to us? Answer yourself, in case your answer is NO- then you should definitely give a thought. It is our responsibility to make our parents feel proud and to give them the love they have given us throughout.

Presenting gifts to the fathers is not an easy task because fathers have this habit of saying “NO” and might say its “So Costly”. So, without any worry, plan a beautiful gift for your father and make it a beautiful memory to cherish.

Country Oven is here to make such memories with father. Country Oven has n varieties of gifts for the father- be it his birthday or father’s day or maybe any occasion. We have various types of gifts of very good quality at a reasonable price. Whether he is a food lover or is a fan of watches- our list of gifts for your dad will definitely make him feel special.

Fathers spend their entire lives trying to give comfort and happiness to their children and ask for nothing in return. But with changing times, this concept is also evolving, and there are more and more children realizing the worth of their good old man.

Let’s start with celebrating father’s birthday. Celebrating their birthday is nothing but making them remember how important they are will always to us. But, can a birthday celebration complete without a cake and a gift? No, right? Country Oven is here to help you out. Our online website has various varieties of cakes and gifts-everything placed in proper order and with the headings. All you have to do is just select the category given under online gifts for father, and you will find a list of things under that particular category

Scroll through the list and select whichever gift you want and give the address- your gift will be delivered within no time.

Birthday Cakes

Country oven’s tasty and yummy cakes are known in the market. We provide cakes of super good quality such as designer cakes, chocolate, vanilla, black forest, and international cakes like Belgium chocolate cakes. Select one from the list and buy these mouth-watering birthday cakes and add a good memory to your dad’s life.

Gift Combos

Not just the cakes, we also have combo gifts of flowers and cake, flowers and chocolates, flowers and personalized gifts, personalized gifts and cake, personalized gifts and chocolates, etc. These beautiful options would definitely surprise your father. Personalized gifts

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you make the gift customized as per you or your dad’s choice? The beauty of customized gifts remains in the selected item, for example, the image which shines on the product. Few examples of personalized gifts are a mug, gifts will always bring a heartful smile on your father's face.

These special gifts would be the perfect birthday gifts for father from daughter. So, why think so much? Select some best pictures of your father and customize it as per the gift selected. This would definitely be an unforgetful gift to him.


Other than sunglasses, we have fantastic and thoughtful accessories like ties, cufflinks, etc. which your dad might like. In case you have anything else on your mind, search for it. We are sure; the item is included in the list.

Gifts Hampers

We have exciting gift hampers like dry fruits, roasted nuts, dark chocolates, coffee/tea bags, sweets, fresh fruits, etc. These hampers are designed to add fun and are the perfect gifts for father on a birthday.

Also, we, as children often mistake a perfect gift with a costly or a lavish gift. We usually forget that it is the thought that matters but not money, it is the happiness which matters but not the price tag. Fathers want nothing from us apart from our time and happiness. Even a small and sweet gesture of giving a birthday flower can make their day special.

So, cherish these special moments and create memories that last a lifetime for and your father. What more? You don’t have to spend on ideas because we have that covered. So, choose what you like and get it delivered at your doorstep.

You might wonder Why Country Oven?

Because Country oven is the best place as it offers all the varieties of father gifts ideas, you take the name, and the gift is available on the online store. All you have to do is go for the search button and click on the item you would like to purchase. Select the item and click on the purchase button. Give your payment options, and that’s it! The item is yours now.

Are you planning for a surprise gift to your mom? If yes? You can give the address of delivery and select for a gift wrap. The item will reach your father in no time. Country Oven is known for its quick delivery options. No matter where you are, in any part of the world, you can order the gift. Our express delivery service one of the best-known delivery options in various locations. You can also add a note to it.

We also have online tracking for the orders you have made. Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation number that can be used for tracking the order. So, you can track your order by relaxing at home.

What if you didn’t like the order and would like for a refund?

No worries guys! We have a full-refund facility in case there is a problem with the order or quality of the product that you have purchased. However, there are specific points that should be considered while making such requests. We request you to go through that once kindly.

So, will all the information is given, we hope that we made your task easy and have helped you in deciding on gifts for father in India.