Mangoes To Hyderabad

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The season of mangoes is here. This is the time to nourish the different varieties of mangoes with high nutritious value. Want to make sure you get the fresh yellow mangoes? Look no further to buy the famous mango types including Alphonso mango - the king of mangoes, Banganapalli mango, Pedda Rasalu mango, Neelam mango and other mangoes. You can also find the best quality mangoes from Country Oven. Wait no more! Buy the sweetest and tastiest mangoes from Our Country Oven Website before the season ends.

Mango - King of Fruits

First came the Mesopotamians, then the Egyptians and then Indus valley civilization bloomed, prospered and withered which was the time when Greeks were carving their own history and gave away to the great Roman empire who built the Colosseum, Temple of Baalbek and reigned over for 300 years. Then came the rise of European kingdoms and Mughal empires during 1500-1800s and then British took over and colonized multiple countries and birth of Independence came to all the colonized colonies. Now we live in a free world where democracy prevails, yet for all these years, people have been ruled by one king. The Great king from Anacardiaceae family, Mangifera Indica otherwise known as Mango.

The fully integrated supply chain from farms to customers, makes sure that you get mangoes as fresh as possible. Moreover, connectivity across cities helps country oven host the largest online store of all different kinds of mangoes.

All family and friends during summer and carrying mangoes as gifts? Mango trees give so much to the environment and the people. Keeping on with this positive theme, fresho!

Mangoes and summers are synonyms to one another and at Country Oven , there is nothing we take more pleasure in than bringing this quintessential experience to your doorstep.