• dummyuser

    I am sylu, I really received a great service from you people. I appreciate your service and concern. I want to thank Ravinder especially for calling me to get the right address, my family in India were so happy to recieve the gift.
    Thank you so much,

  • dummyuser

    Thank you for refunding the amount. However, am glad to inform you that the recipient finally recd the item( although not in time). Hence i would like to pay the req amt in whatever way possible. Please let me know if i need to do anything to credit the amt back to Countryoven.

    Although I was a little disturbed over the non-delivery of item, i realize that the delay was because of factors not in your control. Hence i would like to make the payment back to CountryOven. I would also take this opportunity to let you know that am impressed with the integrity and service of your team.