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The MarketThe Non Resident Indian community is one of the most widespread and prolific communities in the world. Present in a great number of countries, they constitute a thinking, working, earning and spending segment second to none. They are also characterized by a great attachment to their motherland, a natural aspect of Indian culture. Country Oven enjoys the discerning viewership of thousands of such respectable people everyday. They trust us to send home their most special gifts. When you advertise with us, you don't just purchase a bit a space, you also purchase a endorsement of the quality standards that Country Oven is chosen for.

The Reason your customer is hereYour customer is not here to decipher through piles of information or check the latest sports news. He/she is here to perform a carefully planned task. That's why we offer businesses a very lucrative advertisement opportunity compared to purely information based services.

Customers spend time hereWell, its apparent isn't it? They browse gift categories, they create and manage accounts, they choose and unchoose: they consider each extra minute well spent. Can you think of a better time to make your first proposal to them?

We are about emotions, not moneyOur customers don't come to us to increment their incomes. To some of them, we are probably one tiny reason to earn. Its a role we are proud to play, and committed to augment unceasingly. When you talk to customers on Country Oven, you talk to what they like to love, live and gift.

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